Roller Coaster POV Helmet Cam Video Camera

If you are into riding roller coasters, our helmet cam is a must have!  Now you can record hours and hours of video on all your favorite rides and roller coasters!

Have an upcoming race you want to record while youre running? Perfect for extreme sports such as snowboarding, skiiing, surfing, football, soccer, basketball and anything else you can think of. Not just sports, but this is also perfect for if youre a fisherman, and want to make sure everyone sees how big that fish was you said you caught!

Color video camera records at the fastest 30fps speed at 640×480 so you get clear crisp action video, without it being jumpy like other helmet cams. Built in microphone which helps pick up sensitive sounds during video recording.


Roller Coaster Helmet Cam Video Camera

Dont waste hundreds of dollars on those Pro cameras which are too big and bulky


Because our helmet cam is specially designed for outdoor extreme sports, it was made to be water resistant. This does not mean you can take it scuba diving or recommended for swimming and underwater sports, but you can use it outside for extreme sports, running in the rain, getting splashed, and not worry about easily destroying or shattering it.


Our helmet cam offers you tons of memory and storage so you wont have to worry about it running out in the middle of your extreme sporting event. Insert the included 8GB micro SD card and record hours and hours of color video with sound. With the micro SD card, you can easily transfer videos to your computer and free up more space when needed.

Fully adjustable headband, so it will easily fit anywhere you want to strap it. Strap it to your head, around your helmet, around your arm, car, motorcycle, etc.

Includes 3 AAA batteries. This means you dont have to worry about annoying wait times, waiting hours for your camera to recharge when you need to use it ASAP. Internal rechargeable batteries are useless when youre out camping or in the desert with no where to charge it up when needed. Have an extra set of batteries on hand, and you can swap them in and out instantly to save time! The 3 AAA batteries will give you over 3 hours of continuous recording time!

No driver discs or CDs needed to install! All you do is take the included 8GB micro SD card in and out of the camera to transfer your videos to your computer. No need to waste hours charging it either, since it takes 3 AAA batteries, which are also included!

Tech Specs:

Sensor: 1.3m pixels
Video with sound: 640 x 480
Frame rate: 30fps
Card capacity: micro SD card maximum up to 8GB (INCLUDED!)
Webcam: valid
File format: AVI
Battery: 3 AAA (INCLUDED!)


1 x Portable sport camera
1 x USB cable
1 x CD driver
1 x Manual book
1 x 8GB micro SD card
3 x AAA batteries