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2 Flute Single End Carbide End Mill EM2-1000


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2 Flute Single End Carbide End Mill EM2-1000

Our 2 Flute Single End Carbide End Mill EM2-1000 is used to remove unwanted edges from metals which is called deburring. We offer many different sized carbide burr cutting tools that are designed to shape, smooth and clean various types of materials. Our carbide burrs are mainly used for machine and metal works, but can also be used for the automotive industry, engine porting, jewelry making, woodworking and dentistry.

NF carbide burrs are designed for use on aluminum, non-ferrous metals, soft steel, reinforced plastics, and other soft materials. The burrs are designed with a high flute finish for easy chip flow and fast stock removal.  The carbide burrs also provide excellent work finish with minimum loading when cutting soft, sticky metal.

Item Number – EM2-1000
Cutter Diameter – 1″
Flute Length – 1 1/2″
OAL – 4″

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