DVR Cigarette Lighter Video Camera

This amazing DVR Cigarette Lighter Video Camera looks like your normal regular yellow cigarette lighter, but actually can record video and take photos!  The extremely small pinhole sized camera lens is located on the bottom of the cigrette lighter. Almost impossible to see the tiny camera lens, even looking for it!  If you order our cigarette lighter spy video camera this week, we will include a FREE 8GB micro SD card!

DVR Cigarette Lighter Video Camera

On Sale only $24.95


Simply charge the Cigarette Lighter DVR Spy Video Camera for 1-2 hours via the included USB cable. Powerful Polymer Li battery will last for about 2 hour per full charge.

This device looks just like a normal cigarette lighter but it is a hidden camera with audio and a built-in mini DVR. It can be also used as a webcam. It can record around 2 hours after recharging for full of energy. No drivers or outside power source needed. Ideal for home safety surveillance and security nanny. This lighter style mini DV, with the easy one-button operation and directly access USB terminal make it is the best choice in the hidden market!
Easy one-button operation.
Classical lighter shaped.
Video pin hole camera with microphone (audio capture) hidden inside.
Resolution of taking video is 720 x 480.
Resolution of taking photo is 1280 x 1024.
Card capacity: support Micro SD (TF) card Max to 8GB
Built-in microphone captures all audio clearly.
USB terminal for recharging.
USB flash drive functionality.
Built-in 200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery.
Rechargeable by any powered USB port.

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