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Video Camera Spy DVR Eyeglasses

These amazing video camera spy DVR eyeglasses look like your normal pair of glasses, but actually can record video and take photos!  The extremely small pinhole sized camera lens is located on the left side of the eyeglasses. Almost impossible to see the tiny camera lens, even looking for it!

Simply charge it for around 1-2 hours via the included USB cable. Powerful Polymer Li battery will last for about 1 hour per full charge.

Video Camera Spy Eyeglasses


Video resolution 1280 x 720

Photo resolution 1920 x 1080

Video recording speed 30fps

Supports up to 32GB micro SD card

USB 2.0

Compatible with all Windows computer operating systems which have standard USB port

Clip below is actual video recorded using our Spy Eyeglasses

Click here to watch video

You will receive:

1 pair of video camera spy DVR eyeglasses
1 USB charging / transfer cable
1 cleaning cloth
1 small carrying case bag
1 user manual

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